20 Ways to Make Your Brand Stand Out & Be Visible

Here are 20 things you can do that take almost no additional effort on your part, in fact, a lot of the suggestions require just a little adjustment to the things you are already doing.

  1. Look for Inconsistencies between your social media profiles
  2. Leverage your personality, don’t just post with corporate coldness infuse your personality into your content, your stories, your value
  3. USE STORIES. This is huge. We as people connect with stories so don’t be afraid to use them to make yourself memorable online.
  4. Audit your services. This is a good thing to do regardless but regularly auditing your services will make sure that they are still in alignment with you and your goals.
  5. Audit your website. This is also good to do, weed out the old make sure everything is still on point for your brand and that it is optimized to help you grow.
  6. Be consistent, not constant.
  7. Follow through, do what you say you are going to do. You’d be surprised at how hard this is for people to do. We get busy and things aren’t as big of a priority after you’ve gotten busy.
  8. Lead with value & follow up with value. Just because you aren’t providing step by step instructions doesn’t mean your content can’t be valuable to others.
  9. Pour into other people, lift others and be supportive
  10. Post content that is fun, engaging and relevant to your readers
  11. Create an amazing client experience & then leverage those testimonials
  12. Make brand choices that resonate with your business not just because you like a particular color/shape/pattern
  13. Have an AMAZING VALUE PACKED lead magnet – Not kidding, this is a game changer.
  14. Put your spin on your content. If you are like I was and struggle with feeling like you are just talking about the same things as everyone else look at how you can put your own spin on it, do you have a different perspective? Different experiences? Different skills? Rember your personality!
  15. Look for gaps and opportunities in your niche. They are out there do research to find them.
  16. Put your blinders on and stay in your own lane.
  17. Use high quality branded photos of yourself. People notice and even if you are amazing at what you do if you aren’t using high-quality photos you are damaging your credibility.
  18. REPEAT, REPEAT, REPEAT. Maximize what you’ve already done rather than spend time always making new.
  19. Take some calculated risks, like investing in support or trying a new tool
  20. Declutter, let go of the tasks that aren’t helping you

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