7 Tips to Drive Organic Traffic on Instagram

Instagram is one of the fastest growing social media platforms. It has more than 500 million active users. That is really a huge number. When you have such a huge audience on a platform, it provides you enormous opportunity to attract customers to any business. There are several other reasons apart from its huge audience to promote your business on the Instagram. It is a visual marketing platform that lets you present your product creatively to your target audience. According to recent marketing surveys, Instagram generates more quality leads compared to other networks.

The first thing you need to generate leads through Instagram is getting discovered among your targeted audience on the platform. You must have lots of followers of your brand to get the benefit of the platform. There are several ways to get more followers. But what I would suggest is that best follower (who are really interested in your brand) comes organically. You can get the more followers quickly through the paid promotion. But there is no guaranty that whether they are actually interested in your brand or they will be following you after 2-3 months. So, the fact is the best response on any social media platform (especially Instagram) comes organically.

Here, I have discussed few tricks that can help you generate more organic leads through Instagram.

Make your profile appealing

It is the first and the most important thing among all. You must have an appealing profile that users love to follow. Keep appropriate profile image. If you are a small/medium business, it is good to keep your brand logo as a profile pic. You can also sensibly use the profile description. It is the only room on the platform, where you can place live links. So, never miss placing your website/ conversion link in the profile description. If you will have an appealing profile, more users will like to follow you.

Share high-quality images

Basically, Instagram is a photo-sharing platform. Users expect to see high-quality images/photos on their feed. Many marketers do the mistake by uploading low-quality images on their profile. It genuinely creates bad impact on user’s mind. If you want to connect with the Instagram users, make sure you have uploaded the high-quality images and used proper filters.

Use videos creatively

Video is the most engaging content type on social media platforms. Instagram lets you record 3 seconds to 60 seconds video and share on the platform. You can creatively use this feature to get the maximum brand exposure and engagement. Make sure you are posting the videos that users love to see and share. How to videos, promotional and discounts, tips and advice, greetings and celebrations are some of the types of videos users love on Instagram. Once you post the video on the platform, make sure you have targeted the right audience to get the maximum views and response.

Add right hashtags

Your followers are going to see your every post. But using right hashtags gives you an opportunity to get the notice for thousands of users who are not following you. Try to add the hashtag that describes the image you have shared. There are several hashtags in every industry that outperforms other hashtags. Identify which hashtags drives the best result in your industry and use that in your post description. It is not good practice to add lots of hashtags in the post. The standard practice is to add 6-9 hashtags per post.

Be active and engaging

If you really want to grow audience on the Instagram, you have to be active and engaging. Posting the image and using proper hashtags is not enough. You need to be active and engaging with the community all the time. You can follow the person/ brands sharing the same interest, comment or like their posts and most importantly reply to the comments on your posts. You have to be active to identify what interest the most to your target audience and engage the community via those posts.

Post multiple time in a day

Majority webmasters post once or twice in a day. But, there is nothing wrong posting multiple time in a day. I would recommend this tactic to enhance the audience engagement. There are lots of Instagram users all across the world and users from different regions prefer using Instagram on different time. Posting multiple times in a day will give you an opportunity connect the audience all across the globe. That will naturally result into enhanced reach and engagement. This tactic will also help you identify the best time to post when your targeted audience will be active on the platform. That also helps you get the better response from the audience.

Having strategy is must

Now, we know certain tactics to organically enhance the audience reach on Instagram. But, just like other social media platforms if you won’t have a proper strategy for the Instagram, you won’t be able to get the desired result. Make sure you have done proper planning prior applying any of the above tactics. You also need to know the performance analytics for each post you made. Instagram is going to introduce its native analytics soon, till then you can use different third-party analytics to measure the performance of your posts. That will help you identify who your audience is and figure out what they expect from you. Once you know that you can not only increase the followers but also can close lot more leads through Instagram.

These are some of the technics that I have used and worked for me. I hope this tricks will help you as well for organically getting more followers and enhance reach on the platform.

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